Monday, 26 May 2008

Challenge 7

Okay so a week late however, last weekend I pulled my back and was in soooo much pain. I was laid up the majority of the week and it still hurts a little. There was no way I could have sat at the computer or my desk! Unfortunately I have not been able to take place in the challenge but the team have come up with some fantastic work and what a varuety!! This week's challenge is to make something different with your Sugar Nellies thats not a card!

I hope the team inspires you and you take the challenge yourself! Remember post a link direct to your blog with your entry and also leave your full name.

I am also searching for some new team members. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be checking every participant's blog and going to choose a couple of full time members plus some guest members too!

So here's the teams work:








Glitter Monkey said...

Great to see you back. Hope things are getting better now. The DT's work is outstanding. My entry is on my blog. Lol Lynn x

craftyscot said...

hope the back is getting better. DT items look great. Must have a wee think about what I can create. Had to forego challenges recently as life has been hectic but getting back to them now :0)

Bubbles said...

Great to have you back, been looking forward to the challenge, it's a good one to! Hope your back is feeling much better.
Just added my entry to the challenge onto my blog, had made something I could've used then saw Tara's entry and it's similar so made something else, will save that for another day LOL..!!!

Fe-Fe said...

I just made a tin for my daughter's birthday on Saturday which will fit perfectly for this challenge. I'm over at my mum's for half term with the kids at the moment though so I will have to upload it when I get home on Thursday. Good luck to everyone who enters!
Fe x

ger76 said...

Sorry to hear you've gone and done you back in hun, hope your on the mend (((HUGS))
Great work fellow team members I'm off to go and see what everyone else has created :)

fairymadjo said...

hi all,
well here is a link to my first one, not sure its what you wanted.
huggs jo x

tracey said...

hope your back feels much better soon. take it easy. the dt's work is so inspirational, bring on the babies lol. heres mine

CraftyC said...

Have done mine and really, really enjoyed making it! Hope you like it, find it here

Jennifer said...

I'm glad your on the mend. I've really enjoyed this challenge, not my usual thing!
Jennifer x

Donalda's Blog said...

Wow ladies your art is just awesome I love what you all have done. So glad to see you back and I hope you get to feeling better I know there is nothing worse than back pain. I finally got my challenge done and have uploaded it here,

Hanne said...

What a great challenge, I love to decorate empty boxes! :) I have just done that for this challenge, as you can see in my blog.

Have a nice day :)

craftyb said... back was out in sympathy with yours last week! It's so darn debiliatating!

Great examples from you all's
my effort! No prizes for the photography though!! bx

Fe-Fe said...

I'm back home now and here is the link to my daughter's tin for your challenge. Some great entries so far!

Jean Peters said...

I love Sugar Nellie Stamps - have more coming in the post today!! Here is the Link for my challenge
Jean x

Sue said...

I must say i love what fabby creations the DT have made.I decided to shrink Nellie and turn her into earrings for this challenge,they are on my blog

hope you're feeling better soon

cats whiskers said...

What great DT examples we have this week. Thanks for the challenge. sorry mine is late I was waiting for her to arrive.
Mine is on my blog

southern fairy said...

mine is on ym blog now

kes said...

Yay!!!! Your back, hope you are feeling better. See mine at
Hugs Kes

Becky said...

Hiya! What a great challenge! You can see mine here
Love Becky xx

Bee said...

Hope you back is getting better - I can relate only too well. My entry to the challenge is now on my blog - this was fun.


crafting diva said...

Hi sorry to hear you have had back trouble hope your on the mend? I have put my designs on my blog
I have made a tag and I really like Lindas pen post so add a little nellie to mine hope you like them. Thanks.

Beth said...

Yey! I'm so glad your back and hopefully here to stay! What a fab challenge and a great chance to be on the design team! The DT samples are fab, here's my effort! Thanks for looking!

Kim said...

Hope I'm not too late but I had a go too :)

Here is mine

Hanne said...

It's me again :)

In my blog I've just posted a front of a book, using a ladybug stamp. I didn't mark it as a contribution for this challenge, because I'm probably too late for that, but I just wanted to let you know anyway :)

Have a nice day!

Heather said...

Great challenge!! Here's mine for this time:
Can't wait for next time.

ScrapMetal said...

Never played before lol. My project can be found here


craftyscot said...

hope your back is better now?
I have made a fat page and it can be seen here.

hope you like it

belinda said...

Hope you feel beter now and the challenges will be here regular. I liked this one. Here is mine:

Thanks for watching :-)

Gayle said...

Hi there

Hope you're feeling much better now...
I'm a 'newbie' here, so be gentle!!!
Here's my entry


Gayle x

Fe-Fe said...

Just realised I was supposed to leave my full name on there too! Doh!

So my link is still:

and my full name is Fiona Haigh-Gannon.

Hopefully I've got everything covered now!
Thank you.
Fe x

Susie Blackwell said...

Here's mine.........

Susie xx

Beth said...

Those are so cute!

Fe-Fe said...

Just wondered what's happening as nothing has been posted on here for ages. Hope everything is ok and that Sweet Sugar Challenges will be updated soon. We miss you!

Bubbles said...

Keep checking back for DT news but nothing yet? Hope your back isn't still playing you up. Hope to have you back soon, love these challenges!
Joanne x

Minx said...

Better late than never seems to be the story of my life at the minute lol,Fab DT pieces.. just managed to join in this one, you can see my "non" card here

PS. Hope your back is all better now xx if not i wish you well soon x Minxy

Minx said...

Wow, nearly a month has passed and no new challenges, i do hope everything is ok with you and your back isn't giving you more trouble ((hug))